Last Of The Summer Raves: 6 Hotspots You Have To Hit Before Summer Ends

Lucie Turner Lucie Turner

Last Of The Summer Raves: 6 Hotspots You Have To Hit Before Summer Ends

We know the inundation of autumn themed posts is gradually starting to grind you down (guilty). But there is still time to experience some festi-fun before October arrives, bringing with it pain, misery and orange flavoured everything. Grab your glitter glue and your craziest cretins: we’re going to a party.

1. FOUND present Ceremony Festival at Finsbury Park
Finsbury park ceremony festival
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Why? Lauded as a 360° celebration of dance music “past, present and future”, Ceremony is Finsbury Park’s answer to Outlook without the EasyJet flights and potential athletes foot.

Who?  Hosting both international names such as Armand Van Helden alongside homegrown wonders like Mike Skinner, these guys are guaranteed to see your summer off with a bang. Expect wide eyes and wide smiles.

When? Saturday 12th September.

Some tickets still available, search online here.


2. RVLRY Warehouse Festival at Roxx, Chelsea.

The hand book

Why? The guys behind GQ’s fave pop-up Roxx have already sold out one incredible RVLRY party so this one is guaranteed to be a good un’. Our good mates over at Fever have set you up with a bargainous beauty, offering tickets for £15; that’s up to £10 quid less than on the door.

Who? An outdoor festival turned warehouse party, this legendary night will see incredible food, supersonic DJs and so much more. Chelsea’s not usually known for its edgy nights out so expect to find a few chinos and cufflinks alongside the converse and costumes.

When? Saturday 26th September.

Tickets from £15, available on the Fever app.


3. Holi festival of colours at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Holi festival London

Why? No doubt you’ve already seen on your friends Facebook pages the grubby, mildly euphoric after-effects of a colour festival. Nevertheless, Holi festival is total, manic fun.

Who?  Throw some coloured powders in the air and suddenly everyone turns into rainbow globs with more shades than a My Little Pony spectrum. You’ll revel in all the curious stares and head-turning from onlookers when you catch the tube back too.

When?  Saturday 12th September.

Tickets available online here.


4. Siesta Summer Closing Car Park Party at iCAN Studios.


siesta summer

[bestclubsin.com][/caption]Why? Siesta returns for their summer closing party in Hackney’s Wicks uber cool warehouse space The Old Baths. These things are often full on, since they have a ‘2 till 2’ ethos.

Who? If you’re a fan of “Deep tech minimal house” then names like Franky Rizardo, Arun Verone and DJ Majesty might sound familiar to you. If you’re not, well, they play music you can dance your socks off to.

When? Saturday 19th September.

Tickets available online.


5. Solu Boat Party with A Guy Called Gerald at Temple Pier, Victoria Embankment.

Solu Boat Party

Why? With a title like that aren’t you the least bit intrigued? Solu are celebrating 4 years of epic boating bonanzas so WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

Who? A Guy Called Gerald is actually a legend in the electro-dance scene; an innovator and producer who has shaped UK electronic music since the 80’s (if you ‘shape’ a music scene, you’re bound to be good).

When? Saturday 26th September.

Tickets available for £25 through the Fever app.


6. Social Festival in Mote Park, Kent.

Social festival kent

Why? We agree that there are few things worth trekking out to Kent for but this is definitely one of them. Social brand themselves as a “boutique style” dance festival which roughly translated means delicious artisanal food stalls + old school fair-ground rides.

Who? Aside from yourself you mean? Well anyone who’s anyone has tried to get on this dance-heavy set list and they’re chosen by the founder DJ Nic Fanciulli (who is an actual DJ, not just handy with the iPod shuffle button).

When? Saturday 12th September.

Tickets available from the Fever app for £59. 


Don’t put away those sequins yet Steve, you’ve got a party to attend.


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