Know Your Mariah from Your Aliyah? Try This Karaoke Night With A Twist

Lucie Turner Lucie Turner

Know Your Mariah from Your Aliyah? Try This Karaoke Night With A Twist

Karaoke is something that everyone should try but they don’t because they’re worried their shower voice might actually break the glasses everyones downing beers out of. But why worry? Any Simon Cowell types who DARE interrupt your rendition of Careless Whisper can do one; karaoke isn’t about prowess, it’s about presentation darling. And at Lucky Voice karaoke, they want you to let your fabulous flag fly.


These guys know that it can still be intimidating to stand up on a stage and belt out Beyoncé, even if you have the confidence of Queen B herself. That’s why they’ve got karaoke ‘pods’, privately padded rooms that you can hire out with your pals for some serious competition (and we take out karaoke very seriously).


Okay everyone’s hair looks way too good what is this sorcery. [designmynight.co.uk]
What makes a karaoke mesh even better? Well, yes alcohol (they have a touch-of-a-button drink option in each pod) and yes I suppose props (they have a wide array of ‘get-in-the-zone’ fancy dress items guaranteed to help you find your inner Madge or Le Bon).

But how about a good old fashioned STEAL DEAL.



Do you like the name? It’s what we at Secret London like to call things that are just too good to miss out on. With the Fever app we’ve scored you one hell of a night.

Because in this deal all you have to do is pay the deposit of £20 BUT it’s redeemable on food & alcoholic beverages.

Their love triangle was slowly becoming harder to hide… [designmynight.com]
Do you know what that means? That means all you have to do is bring 8-15 slightly intoxicated friends, spend £20 on food and drink to keep you hydrated and fuelled whilst singing your heart out to Abba’s greatest hits and um, enjoy yourself?!

(If there’s more than 9 of you scallywags then it’s increased to £40, but let’s be real, you’ll easily spend that on tequila rounds alone.)

Save a horse, ride a cowboy. Or this bloke. [iamthebestman.co.uk]
An incredibly memorable night out guaranteed to cement some friendships, start love affairs and create beautiful, beautiful snapchat stories, all for the price of a standard Pizza Express evening meal? We know what we’d choose…


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