The Red Telephone Box That Serves Incredibly Good Coffee • Kape Barako

Kape Barako is a tiny independent coffee shop residing in one of London’s iconic red telephone boxes.

Found on Hampstead High Street, Kape Barako is entirely family-run – created in a bid to protect our precious red phone boxes from extinction (re: London’s iconic red telephone boxes are getting a 21st century makeover).

kape barako

It’s the perfect pitstop for a pastry or a flat white, with coffee from Five Country Coffee Beans and pastries and cakes from the team at The Bread Factory in Hendon. You can also grab yourself a soft drink or a savoury snack, because despite being small, Kape Barako has it all.

Photo: @_carocas_
Photo: @_carocas_

Boasting the full five stars in every single one of their TripAdvisor reviews (okay, there’s only three of them, but you’ve got to give it to them), it seems locals and tourists alike have nothing but praise for this tiny, unique coffee kiosk.


Raddisch, who is actually a Hampstead resident, says it’s “easily the best coffee in Hampstead.” Having tried 90% of the cafes and coffee shops around, they say that “quite unbelievably the best is served out of a phone booth on the high street.” Apparently the “service is fast and friendly with no fuss,” which is exactly what you need when you’re after a quick coffee to go. 

Photo: @snowflakesfairy
Photo: @snowflakesfairy

OutAndAboutLDN agrees that “the coffee is really good and made how you like it,” while Islander280, who’s from Canada, admits that they went several times during their week in London, and was “impressed by the efficient use of space and delicious products [the] business offers.”

Location: 25 Hampstead High Street, Outside Natwest Bank (Red Phone Box), NW3 1QJ. Nearest station is Hampstead. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 8am–2:30pm.
More information: follow Kape Barako on Twitter.

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