Just A Few Little Things Every Londoner Has To Be Thankful For

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Just A Few Little Things Every Londoner Has To Be Thankful For

It’s a Monday and you’ve just finished a long, hard day at work, desolate in the thought that you have another 4 days of this misery to go. But, it’s not all gloom and doom… you’re in the greatest damn city in the world. (Strictly speaking we’re 39th, but frankly we disagree). Here’s a few little reasons why that sulky grump of yours ought to get the f&%$ off of your face— or, as your grandma would probably say, “turn that frown upside down”.

The weather is miserable.


This article took a turn for the unexpected, didn’t it? 

No but, seriously, it’s about time we got over it. This country has quite literally been here since the beginning of time and the weather has alway been the same. So it’s never a surprise when it’s chucking it down outside. Instead, we should make the most of all the excellent inside activities that are on offer. Of course you’ll have to brave the rain at one point or another (you know, nipping from the door to the Uber), but if you’re a Londoner without an umbrella or a pair of closed toe shoes, you’re quite frankly a moron. Our point is, we should be grateful that a rainy day doesn’t have to mean a bed day— although, of course, you could always flip that on its head and say that we should be thankful that we can justify so many bed days. Either way, London = great.

The trains are really, actually, quite regular.

As much as we whinge and whine about waiting 5 minutes for a tube, we’re actually pretty damn lucky. You wouldn’t get that anywhere else. (Except any other big city but whatever, don’t @ us).


Whatever you want to eat, whatever craving you need to satisfy, London will, quite literally, deliver the goods.

Curry, pizza, Ecua-bloody-dorian food. London’s got it and it’s got it good.


Nearest pub? Almost always within a 50 metre radius.

And that’s the reason we love you, London. Always there for us when we need you the most.


It’s so easy to travel elsewhere.


London is really great if you want to, er, leave London. With a million different train stations taking you to a million different places, there is so much opportunity to explore faraway lands. If you need to take a break from city life, you could be in the quiet countryside within the hour. You know, just if you wanted.


With monster rent prices comes a new appreciation of money.


Or more specifically, you learn how to appreciate having no money. We should be thankful that, although London is a thieving bastard when it comes to coffee and cocktails, there are plenty of things that don’t involve handing over any cash. There’s free museums, free gigs, parks to walk in, street art to marvel at… sometimes even just walking around and taking it all in is a joy in itself, and guess what… free! 

There are so many different places that you haven’t discovered yet.

And that’s the real beauty of London. It will always surprise you.


[Photo by Susie Chandler]


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