Just 6 Times Sadiq Khan Was Spotted Being Fab On Public Transport

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, has become a little bit of an icon amongst Londoners. He seems to have picked up his own fanbase and Secret London are definitely part of it! All he needs now is a name for his fandom… Sadudes? Khanivores? Hmm, we’ll come back to that one. What with the Night Tube, banning body shaming adverts and proposing gender neutral pronouns in announcements, Sadiq is sort of the lord of TFL right now (if that’s a thing?) In his honour, we simply present you with 6 photos of Sadiq Khan looking fabulous on public transport…


1. Here he is on the Northern Line


2. Riding the Night Tube with his guardian angels


3. Russ had an exciting day when he bumped into our mayor… before he was even our mayor. That’s true #FanGirling

4. Sadiq has been taking time to appreciate his fan base.


5. Looking happy while pretending to drive a classic red bus


6. We’d feel extremely sad if we forgot about our Sadiq encounter. But totes understand that commuter life. Thank god for Twitter.


[Feature Image: twitter @Orsis_uk]

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