Jeremy Corbyn’s Twitter Has Been Hacked And It’s Hilarious

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A series of what the BBC termed ‘fouled-mouthed‘ posts have been published on Jeremy Corbyn’s twitter account following it being hacked this weekend. The tweets variously include a football chant, a message opposing the renewal of the Trident nuclear missile defence system, and a declaration that the prime minister of the United Kingdom is “a pie”. We can’t keep a straight face about that one…

The culprit then sent out one final, incredibly profound message to the world…

The BBC reported that “the Labour leader mostly tweets about party policy so the first of the hacked messages, which began “Here we… here we…” and contained three exclamation marks, would have alerted his followers to the fact that something was not quite right.” ?

[Daily Mail]
Unfortunately, the tweets were deleted within minutes, so we guess we’ll never know if Corbyn really thinks David Cameron is “a pie”.


Featured Image Credit: Huffington Post

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