Itching With Excitement! An Allergen-Free Restaurant Has Come To London

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Itching With Excitement! An Allergen-Free Restaurant Has Come To London

A vegan café in Soho, serving treats made entirely from natural ingredients, is London’s first allergen-free (in fact, ‘completely free from from’) restaurant! Yorica is selling a range of ice creams, biscuits, shakes and sweets that have all been made without dairy, gluten, nuts and egg. Wowza. Launched this week in Wardour Street, Yorica’s manager Monika Jagielo said: “We’ve really thought through all the ingredients we are using here. What we don’t want to do is just appeal to people with allergies. We want people to be able to enjoy a healthy treat. The more we learn about food, we know we don’t really need dairy in our diet and when we eat gluten we don’t feel great.” It makes sense to us! And just you wait until you see what’s on the menu…

There are 12 different flavours of dairy-free ice cream and frozen yoghurt that have been made with rice milk, seaweed, vanilla bean paste and other natural ingredients, including natural sugars and sweeteners. Flavours include nut-free peanut butter ice cream, matcha green tea and the slightly more unusual dark chocolate and beetroot ice cream, all of which can be made into hot and cold shakes, served with marshmallows and topped with (dairy-free) homemade whipped cream. *Drool* Ice cream toppings include brownies, cookies and a homemade allergen-free chocolate sauce.

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The only allergen that any of the food contains is soy, which is used in some ice creams and baked goods in order to achieve the desired consistency – although some products are soy free too!

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