It Is Now Cheaper To Live In A Luxury Hotel Than Rent A Studio Flat In Central London

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It Is Now Cheaper To Live In A Luxury Hotel Than Rent A Studio Flat In Central London

London prices have been getting a bit out of hand recently… From £85 sandwiches in Selfridges to velvet Porsches cruising round Kensington (whoever you are, shame on you), there’s no denying it, this city is an absolute bastard of a bank drainer. We didn’t quite realise how bad things had got though until we read the latest study from lastminute.com


The travel website has found that you could save a lot of money by packing up your studio flat and living a full-time life of room service and buffet breakfasts… This might seem totally crazy but with London rent prices going up 7% this year and the cost of staying in a luxury hotel in the city dropping by 5%, a five-star fantasy no longer seems like such a ridiculous waste of money.

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According to the study, a luxury studio flat in East London would set renters back £666 per week, but a week’s stay in a modern, four-star hotel in the area comes to just £420. That’s a saving of £246, which is more than enough beer money for the weekend we think. And that’s not even taking into consideration the money you would save on council tax, bills, internet – and maybe even a bit of brekkie, if it’s one of those all-inclusive deals.

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All jokes aside, this is a pretty disturbing bit of information. And to think, we’d only just recovered from the London Underground rent map


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