Is This Stunning Forbidden South London View Going To Open To The Public?

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Have you ever seen the view from Nunhead Reservoir? No, us neither, we’re way too scaredy-cat. Rumour has it that this forbidden covered-over site in south London boasts some of the most stunning views of the capital, if you can gain access that is.


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For a while, a battle broke out between Thames Water and the sunset seekers; as the former tried to secure the area with a fence, the latter, armed with wire cutters and shovels (or that’s how we like to imagine them), tried over and over again to regain access. Back in December 2014, a new, heavy-duty fence was installed, along with other security measures, and now access is pretty much impossible. This is all starting to sound very Cold War…


All rebellions need a revolutionary (we don’t know why we’re going so military on this either) and Nunhead Reservoir’s goes by the name of Rosanna Thompson, a Goldsmiths MA student and local resident who has set up a Facebook group, Friends of Nunhead Reservoir: an open forum to discuss alternative solutions to the current situation. There’s also a Save Nunhead Reservoir petition, which is getting close to 3000 signatures now… **cough cough** SIGN IT **cough cough**


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Thames Water have said that by allowing access they ‘would be breaching the Public Health Act and causing a risk of contamination,’ as it’s ‘a live service reservoir which supplies thousands of properties in London.’ But our girl Rosanna has been quick to point out that in neighbouring Honor Oak, they don’t appear to be so worried about the working reservoir, which currently stands as an, um, golf course.


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With views like this, you can see why we’re pushing for the goals to be met. Sign the petition here and we’ll be one step closer to a new summer hangout…

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