OH MY BOG! Is This London’s Most Expensive Public Toilet?

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

OH MY BOG! Is This London’s Most Expensive Public Toilet?

We don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this one. A former public toilet in East London has been put on the market for a painful £1 million. Hang on. We take that back. We’re crying.

The 600ft underground loo in Spitalfields is described by Clarke and Lloyds as “quirky and full of character” – if that’s what having character means then we wonder what they’d say about our basement bog. The public toilet had previously been converted into a nightclub called Public Life in the early noughties but the nightclub was soon closed down in 2002 due to noise complaints, drugs and licensing issues. Really selling it to us there…


According to Matt Piper, chairman of Spitalfields Community Group, “When [the club] closed down, there was a local petition against it and hundreds of people from every part of the community signed it.” Something tells us the next owners may want to steer clear of the cheap bar…


More than anything, we can’t BELIEVE how such a *ahem* bog-standard property has ended up on the market for a massive MILLION. Have you seen what that kind of money could buy you up North? Yep. Now you’re crying too.

Soz. ?

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