Is This Crazily Decorated Pub The Most Christmassy Place In London?

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck

Is This Crazily Decorated Pub The Most Christmassy Place In London?

We’re gonna go with yes.

Not ones to scrimp on decorations, The Churchill Arms in Kensington has become a pilgrimage for all those in need of a pint and some serious eye candy. And by eye candy, we’re not talking the West London folk pulled up at the bar – oh no – we’re talking foliage. And lots of it.

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During the summer months, the pub looks like it’s been dragged through a Garden Centre backwards (in the best kind of way). And at Christmas? It gets a full festive makeover, of course, with over 50 Christmas trees, 11,500 lights and 90 hanging flower baskets adorning the exterior of the pub on Kensington Church Street.

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Over three decades, the decorations have been upped every year and things are turning crazier and crazier. Oh and if you think it’s all going on on the outside, you’re very wrong. Venture through the doors of the pub and you’ll soon realise that what is on the inside definitely counts too.

Blimey. [The Londonist]
If you haven’t been already – you’re a fool. (Or just a massive scrooge).

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