International Busking Day Takes Over Trafalgar Square This Weekend

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

International Busking Day Takes Over Trafalgar Square This Weekend

London certainly isn’t short of talented street performers (and some not so talented ones too!). But we can assure you that the Busk In London Festival is bursting with talent. The festival returns to Trafalgar Square this weekend (23rd and 24th July) and falls in line with the world’s first International Busking Day (on Saturday 23rd July). On this day around 100 cities all over the world will celebrate the talent that lives on their streets.

[Busk In London]
At Busk In London, four different pitches will out on different types of acts including, magic, music performances, visual arts and the Circle Pitch, which is the largest arena, will show a mixture of physical theatre, circus skills and comedy acts. Entry to the festival is free, but we would recommend bringing some coins – these talented lot will certainly deserve a tip!

Alongside the performance there will be activities, the Gibson Guitar Tour Bus, a human-hugging hedge (?!) and tasty street food to keep you buzzed. For more information about the event, check out Busk in London’s website.

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