This Interactive Map Will Take You On A Tour Of London’s Legendary Music History

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TotallyMoney - Music Map (London)

London is home to many a musical legend. This interactive map will take you on an epic journey, exploring all of the artists who have contributed to London’s legacy.

From Blur to Bowie, Amy Winehouse to Adele, this new interactive map from shows the birthplaces of various artists and bands, lets you listen to their most iconic songs, and tells you how much money they’ve made over the years*.

interactive map totally money music culture london
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Discover which London artists have had the most number ones (Spoiler alert! The Spice Girls, The Rolling Stones, George Michael, Elton John and Queen are up there) as well as delving deeper into 245 different bands and artists across the whole of the UK. So, for hours of fun, head over to and have a little play. And, if nothing else, you’re bound to rediscover your love for the Pet Shop Boys and Sophie Ellis Bextor. Maybe…

*Want a fun activity? Compare One Direction’s net worth with the likes of the Rolling Stones and Queen… 


Love live music? 🎶  Here’s a tube map showing you where all of London’s best gig venues are.

Georgie Hoole

Georgie Hoole

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