This Interactive Art Installation From The Creators Of ‘Rain Room’ Has Some Serious Balls

Lily Frohlich Lily Frohlich

This Interactive Art Installation From The Creators Of ‘Rain Room’ Has Some Serious Balls

There’s just one week left to experience an art exhibition filled with hypnotic floating spheres that react to your every movement.

Remember back in 2012 – how was that five years ago?! – when the Barbican centre became home to Rain Room? Well, the artist collective behind that piece is back with a brand new installation called Zoological – part of +/- Human at the Roundhouse – and it might be just as incredible.

This beautiful new art installation uses  foil, motors, helium, cameras, and a ‘custom swarm algorithm’ to create an interactive piece unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. It’s big, it’s ballsy, and it’s extremely beautiful.

[Ravi Deepres/Alicia Clarke]
[Ravi Deepres/Alicia Clarke]
It’s exploring the ‘relationship between human bodies and technological entities’ with a swarm of massive floating balls. The balls are programmed to react to the movement of the guests viewing the piece, creating a unique experience each time it’s viewed.

[Ravi ___/Alicia Clarke]
[Ravi Deepres/Alicia Clarke]
And on Friday and Saturday evenings, the installation hosts an immersive new dance
work created by Wayne McGregor, performed by dancers from The Royal Ballet.

You can find the installation at The Roundhouse until 28th August and you can book tickets for £5 here. (The dance performances are now, unfortunately, sold out.)

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