INSTAFAIL! The 5 Most Over-Instagrammed Things in London

Tom Livingstone Tom Livingstone

INSTAFAIL! The 5 Most Over-Instagrammed Things in London

No it’s not your scrambled egg breakfast. No, it’s not your pouty face selfie. Not, it’s not even that photo of you in your bikini. We’re excluding all of those, on account of them being over-instagrammed everywhere you go. We’re talking about over-instagrammed things that are very obviously London. Ooooh, is that a phone box? Let me just go and take a photo of me leaning out of it…



Big Ben

When Instagram first came into existence, back in 2010, you might have found yourself with an original insta snap of the London icon. Now, it’s been done from every angle, at every distance, with every filter.



St Pancras Station

Look, there’s a nice clock, in amongst all that stunning architecture. Cue the nerd police pointing out that Big Ben is actually the bell, not the clock. Yeah we know, guys, we know. Just take a photo and be happy.



Anything Red

We’re not just talking phone boxes. We’re talking buses, post boxes, palace guards. Oooh, I wonder if I can make him blink/laugh/sneeze? Don’t guys, just leave the poor man alone and go take a photo of something interesting.


2) INSTAWINcarnaby1

Old Compton Street

If it’s colour you’re after, there’s plenty in the lights of Soho (Carnaby Street is pictured). Just be careful which colourful lights you follow though, you might find yourself having to buy a DVD you didn’t really want.



St Paul’s Cathedral

We almost feel a bit guilty for this one, given that we’ve already posted loads stunning photos of St Paul’s to our own Facebook page. Having said that, it’s over-instagrammed, and for that reason it’s an Instafail. There are plenty of other nice churches in London.


3) INSTAWINChrist Church

Christ Church Spitalfields

…Like Christ Church, Spitalfields for example. Not too far from St Paul’s, you can drop that Valencia filter you were about to add to Sassy P, and head over to Christ Church for a more original photo opportunity.



London Eye

It’s a big wheel that goes round and round. How many different ways can there be to take a photo of it? Lots, apparently, and they’ve all been done before.



Anything Else on The South Bank

The South Bank is an incredible place, if you happen to look down. From the skaters at the graffitied skate park to the jumble record and book sale underneath Waterloo Bridge, there’s plenty of cool stuff to be photographed.



A Row of Boris Bikes

So bright, so blue. So borestagram. It’s been done a million times before. It may well be a fun photo, or perhaps was once one, but there are better things out there that are begging to be instagrammed.



London Markets

If you’re into taking a photo of things in rows, London markets are always good places to visit. Take a cheeky snap of the rows and rows of clothes in Camden Market, or the grid of stalls in Spitalfields.


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