Incredible London Map Reveals How Open, Stable Or Nasty You Really Are

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham

Incredible London Map Reveals How Open, Stable Or Nasty You Really Are

A study by Cambridge University Psychologists have found that those with similar personality traits tend to live in the same ares of London. Nice, nasty or arty – there is a place for you! Not only this, but regardless of crime or levels of income, people are happiest too, living in an area that matches their personality. Well then, lets find out where we fit in!



People who live in central London are supposedly meaner than those in the suburbs, who are happier, calmer and even a little bit boring, a study has revealed (THEIR words, not ours). This may also explain the high levels of professional success of many people living there. Residents in Westminster, Camden, Kensington and Chelsea were deemed to be less considerate while those living in Bromley and Croydon were the nicest…


The most sociable appear to have flocked to the south of the river (and are much more central), whereas the further out you go, the less extrovert the residents are.

Those being open to new experiences tended to live in areas such as Islington and neighbouring Kings Cross. These districts have worse crime rates, more dense housing, and greater ethnic and religious diversity.


As well as being the most sociable, areas of south west London and Wandsworth are home to clusters of the more emotionally stable residents of the capital. Those living in these areas also reported on average higher levels of life satisfaction.


Verrrryy interesting…what do you think? Is this where you fit in?

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