If You Live On A Street With This Name Your Home Is Likely To Be Worth More

Let’s be honest, if you’re lucky enough to own a property in London FULL STOP you’re not doing too badly. But a recent survey conducted by property website Zoopla has found that there are certain words that guarantee a more expensive house. We’re not quite sure how this works, or why “Warren” is so far ahead of all the rest but it’s pretty damn interesting all the same…

The priciest street names:

1. Warren, £607,267

2. Chase, £482,867

3. Mount, £390,500

4. Path, £389,732

5. Park, £384,809

6. End, £381,933

7. Green, £363,348

8. Way, £358,981

9. Hill, £354,301

10. Lane, £342,059

11. Gardens, £340,461

12. Paddock, £320,984

13. Walk, £319,926

14. Rise, £307,965

15. Lawns, £302,760

At the bottom of the list, addresses with the words “street” and “terrace” in them appear to pull in the least expensive properties. (That’s us, damn it). The findings also show that street names containing the words King, Queen and even Elizabeth have a higher than average house prince. It must be that royal touch ?

The one word we’re a little confused about is “Chase”… But congratulations all the same, you wealthy home owners, you.

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