Hundreds Of Zombies Partied Their Way Around London This Weekend!

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Hundreds Of Zombies Partied Their Way Around London This Weekend!

If you were pottering about in central London this weekend, you may have bumped into an army of terrifying zombies (and no, we’re not talking about Central Line commuters). Although frightfully believable, it wasn’t actually the beginning of a Zombie apocalypse – it was the annually celebrated World Zombie Day. The day of the undead has happened every year since 2006 and each year it’s been bigger and better. It is marked in several cities across the globe and the celebrations are always well-attended by zombie fanatics from all over the world. And teaming up with WZD for another year, Jägermeister were on hand to put on a damn good show and an even better after party.

As part of the day, Jäger followed a couple of Zombies around London, filming all the weird reactions they received from members of the public along the way. The pair of Zombies ended up at the Piccadilly Institute, where they were joined by hundreds of other zombies to party as hard as undead beings can. Thankfully, no limbs were lost in the process.

If you ever wondered what the undead drink, you’ll be pleased to know they don’t skimp on cocktails. Jäger had concocted a menu to tickle the ex-animate tastebuds and give them a bit of life. The drinks also get a seal of approval from the living amongst us. Dancing with the undead is quite an unnerving experience (you just try acting casual around a giant, rabbit zombie!), but it was all made a little less intimidating with a Zombie Brain in hand, which can be described as Jäger’s play on a Sex on the Beach. The zesty Zombie Take Down, which is a ’deadly’ combination of Jäger and gin, also gets a zombified thumbs up.

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Although under strict instruction to “behave” during the day (i.e. they weren’t allowed to scare the living sh*t out of the public), the zombie gang released all inhibitions Jäger’s after-party, and it was absolutely terrifying. From the mannequins on the ceiling and Michael Jackson’s Thriller blasting out of the speakers, to the zombie policeman dancing on the podium… the people involved took Zombie-ing very seriously and were able to create an absolutely crazy atmosphere! What’s more, all proceeds from the day and night went to homelessness charity, St Mungo’s, proving that the undead do have hearts.

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If you missed out on WZD, don’t worry – Jäger have a very spooky line up of events happening this Halloween. Keep your eyes peeled on their Twitter (@JagerUK), Facebook (JagermeisterUK) and Instagram (@jagermeisteruk) pages to find out more. Also, if you want to have a go at creating your own herbaceous #JägerCocktails, check out the Jäger recipe book here.

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