A Huge American Football Match Is Coming To Wembley

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

American Football Wembley Stadium

39! 42! Hut! Or something. The NFL is paying their latest visit to London as Baltimore Ravens play the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley Stadium.

A mighty match of the game we like to call hand-egg is all set to go down on September 24th, and we’ve got tickets.

The Jaguars play in London semi-regularly and consider themselves ‘London’s team.’ In fact, there are occasional rumours that they might relocate here on a full-time basis, although if I was them, I’d find it hard to give up my stadium with it’s own freaking outdoor swimming pool:

I think we need to get on replicating this game-changing functionality in London, to be quite honest.

Up against the not-exactly-local heroes are the Baltimore Ravens, so it’ll be an opportunity to see how they get on without running back / high school music technician-lookin’ fella Danny Woodhead, and to come to your own opinion over whether Joe Flacco is, in fact, an elite quarterback. Meanwhile, Leonard Fournette and Blake Bortles (nice name btw) will be trying to help the Jaguars overcome the Ravens’ up-and-coming defense.

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In any case, you can grab your half-way line or end-zone tickets from us.

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