So Hubba Bubba Flavoured Gin Exists And The Nostalgia Is Real

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So Hubba Bubba Flavoured Gin Exists And The Nostalgia Is Real

So it turns out Hubba Bubba flavoured gin exists, and we’re feeling all kinds of nostalgia.

We’ve seen all sorts of bizarre gin-based products in our time (hot cross bun flavoured gin, gin-flavoured cheese, etc) but this is a revelation. A beautiful, pink, bubblegum flavoured revelation.

The pretty pink gin has been created by Sweet Little Liqueurs, a company that specialises in liqueurs inspired by nostalgic flavours. Besides Hubba Bubba flavoured gin liqueur, they’ve also made Jammy Dodger, Rhubarb & Custard and Fruit Salad flavoured gin.

jammy dodger

Made in Manchester, Sweet Little Liqueurs’ bubblegum gin is supposedly best served with lemonade, premium tonic, prosecco or, of course, neat. Garnish with strawberry and mint, and voila! You’ll be whisked right back to your childhood with a single sip.

If you’re after a bottle of liquid nostalgia, you can purchase one here. A 50cl bottle of Hubba Bubba gin liqueur costs £22.99, and contains 18% ABV. I suggest you hurry though, as there’s only a limited amount of stock. Go go go! 

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