London’s Amazing Floating Hot Tubs Have A Second Home In West India Quay

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Relaxation has a second home in West India Quay, thanks to Skuna’s Hot Tugs.

All the best films need sequels, and the same is surely true for floating hot tubs. And if that isn’t already received wisdom, then it definitely should be. HotTug, who can also be seen serenely bobbing on Regent’s Canal, have a second location in east London.

Photo: @hottuguk

(I’ve chosen to name this sequel “HotTugs Two: 2 Hot 2 Handle”, just FYI). That’s right, you can commandeer London’s best form of transport from West India Quay, and take a peaceful jaunt around Canary Wharf.

As always, each tub fits up to seven people, is filled with clean, fresh water heated by an on-board wood-fired burner, travels at a stately 4mph, and comes equipped with an ice compartment to keep your prosecco cold, even as you luxuriate in the warmth.


Personally, I think this would make for the best business meeting in town. It’s stylish, gets everyone out of the boardroom, relaxes them – plus, no-one can hide anything up their sleeve, because they won’t be wearing any. On the off chance you aren’t looking to make high-level financial deals in a hot tub, then it’s also a great way to see Canary Wharf from a new angle.

Photo: @hottuguk

👉 Get your tickets here.

You’ll find the new HotTug at West India Quay, Off Hertsmere Road, E14 4AL.

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