Sweet Jesus! The Inventor Of Cronuts Is Opening A Bakery In London

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck


Stop what you’re doing. The cronut is coming.

Unless you’ve been living under a sugar-free rock for the last three years, chances are you’ve probably heard of the Cronut. The flakey hybrid croissant-meets-doughnut was invented by Dominique Ansel in New York back in 2013 and the city went CRAZY for them. Since then, he’s opened up another bakery in the Big Apple and an international outpost in Tokyo and, much to our absolute delight, he’s announced via Instagram that the next stop will be London TOWN.



The bakery will open at some point in summer, which just presents us with another reason to be super-duper-£&jhsfjkhka!!-EXCITED for the seasons to change. A couple of bakers have tried their hand at recreating the Cronut but none have matched the deep fried croissant perfection that sees New Yorkers queueing for hours around the streets to get a taste.



Flavours range from rose water to cassis jam to just-about-anything-you-could-ever-dream-of and Dominique doesn’t just stop at Cronuts. Expect frozen smores, waffles with oozing maple syrup centres and the ‘waffogato’ (he sure does like his hybrids). Christ. We think we need a lie down.


Yeah. We know right.

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