Holy Crȇpe! There’s A Nutella Pop Up In London

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Holy Crȇpe! There’s A Nutella Pop Up In London

London is a big fan of pop-ups dedicated entirely to singular food items (porridge, crisps, creme eggs…) and we’re surprised that this one hasn’t come sooner. But the wait is over… the world’s favourite chocolate spread is coming to Knightsbridge for an eight week takeover.

If you’re nutty about Nutella (question is — is it nut-ella or noo-tella?) then the fifth floor of Harvey Nichols is where you need to be. The roof terrace has been transformed into an cosy Alpine lodge, and there’ll be a schweeeet menu of sweet treats. Have a classic crȇpe or some Porridgella (that’s porridge with banana and Nutella, of course). Or perhaps you fancy a trifle parfait with yoghurt, berries and scones? At £7 each, the dishes don’t come cheap — but what do you expect? It’s a) London, b) Knightsbridge, and c) Harvey Nichols.

In addition to the food, there will also be a personalisation station where customers can add a name or a message to a jar of the cocoa spread.


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