5 Hilarious Twitter Accounts Every Londoner Needs To Follow

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones

5 Hilarious Twitter Accounts Every Londoner Needs To Follow

We were all devastated when Stephen Fry deleted his Twitter account after the BAFTAs earlier this year, but the Twittersphere is yet to completely dry up. Whether you’re an avid Tweeter or you just dip in and out from time to time, these accounts are bound to get a chuckle out of most @Londoners.


1. Big Ben @big_ben_clock

If you’re bored of checking the time the usual way, follow the Twitter account of London’s famous bell. The tweets are anything but varied, but persistence is certainly key to the hilarity…


2. TlF Travel Alerts @TlfTravelAlerts

We already LOLed at this hysterical spoof TfL twitter account earlier this year, but TlF Travel Alerts had to be in our top list for Tweet chuckles. Here’s a few reasons why… 


3. @shitLondon

@ShitLondon dedicate their account to pointing out our city’s everyday flaws and mishaps. If you see anything hilariously shit when you’re out and about in the capital, tweet it to them (and us @secret_LDN, obviously). 




4. Elizabeth Windsor, The (Fake) Queen @Queen_UK

One must follow Her Majesty, for one’s daily LOL moment. She gives us royal insight into some of the latest news scandals…

And she’s extra sassy…


5. The Dolphin Pub @The_Dolphin_Pub

This Hackney pub reigns supreme when it comes to hilarious tweeting. It also runs actual comedy nights too…

For more tweets that are occasionally hilarious, but are mainly used for sniffing out the hottest happenings in London, follow us @Secret_LDN. #ShameslessPlug. 

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