This Amazing South London Castle Has A Room For Rent

How would you like to live in a house like this? Well, now you can. And I mean you actually can.

The 40ft bell tower.

The Highland Tower in south London is an epic property on Gipsy Hill. Actually a converted church, its castle-like features caused a buzz when it went up for sale last year – I mean just LOOK AT THOSE VIEWS.

The view from the battlements at sunset.

Imagine buying this place then just renting out so someone else can live in it. Well, much to the delight of current tenant JJ Robinson, 34, and his pals, this is exactly what happened, and they ended up discovering the Tower and moving in last March.

The entrance lobby.

JJ was living in a converted school in Mile End when his lease expired, and he started looking for somewhere to new to live with his mates. He was, he told us, hoping to find somewhere with a similar character, but never imagined he’d find anywhere quite like this.

The first floor bathroom.

‘Everyone jokes about how little you get for your pound in London, but perhaps this shows that if you look hard enough, you can find something just a little bit different,’ says JJ, who despite being perfectly charming, I am starting to gently hate.

The kitchen.

‘There’s a constant ‘wow’ factor every time I walk in the door, really.’ JJ said. ‘The worst thing about living here, honestly, is that I’m not sure living anywhere else will ever quite live up to this.’ I think: I wish this was the worst thing about where I live.

The room available for rent.

But, reader, there is more! For one of the flatmates is now set to leave this glorious abode, and JJ and co. are now looking for a new flatmate with a taste for the high life.

The best bit? Rent is a strangely reasonable £850. For living in a CASTLE. ‘Perhaps the anti-south London bias is still strong?’ muses JJ, on his bizarrely affordable villain’s lair.

The tower lit up for Halloween. [Photo: Marie Ruete]
The property comes with a roof terrace with awesome views over London, BATTLEMENTS, two living rooms, a great big kitchen, and three current flatmates. They’re not looking for couples, although, thinking about it, how much do you REALLY like your boyfriend anyway?

If you want to live that Game of Thrones dream in leafy south London, drop the flatmates a note on their SpareRoom listing. This view could be yours…