You Can Now Do The Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz In The Great Hall Of Hogwarts

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Harry Potter quiz

No word yet on whether the Triwizard Cup is the prize for this Harry Potter quiz.

Pottermania (noun): enthusiasm for the Harry Potter franchise, and all associated acts. If this word isn’t in the Oxford English Dictionary yet, it should be soon, because the mania is only going to increase with this latest event. The already astounding Harry Potter Studio Tour is doubling down on the awesomeness, and are hosting a series of Harry Potter quiz nights inside the iconic Great Hall. The chance to prove your mastery of all things Potter, whilst chillaxing on the actual Hogwarts set? Sign. Us. Up.

Harry Potter quiz
Photo: @wbtourlondon

This Harry Potter quiz is essentially the wizarding world’s version of a battle royale. Which witch first discovered the magical properties of Gillyweed?* These are the kind of questions you’re going to need the answer to if you’re to emerge triumphant from your O.W.L.S.

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You’ll be rigorously tested on your knowledge of Magical Artefacts, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions, and Care of Magical Creatures, amongst others. Hit the books, because Hermione won’t be there to bail you out on this one (sadly). Oh, and as with all good quizzes, there are prizes to go with that eternal glory. In this case, it’s goody bags full of exclusive HP Studio Tour merch.

Harry Potter quiz

The other thing to note about this Harry Potter quiz is that entry isn’t cheap. This one sets you back £65, but it does include full access to the entire Harry Potter Studio Tour before the quiz starts. Just so you can do some last minute revision/take a broomstick ride because you’re supremely confident you’ve already got the quiz in the bag. The entry fee also gets you a hot meal in the Backlot Cafe, plus a Butterbeer to steady any last-minute nerves.

Harry Potter quiz
This might come in handy… Photo: @wbtourlondon

The quizzes run on the 5th, 12th, and 19th of July, and tickets are on sale from 10am on June 5th. Follow this link to get your hands on some. Teams must be a minimum of six or a maximum of twelve, and you’ll be paired up with others if you don’t have enough people. Essentially, if you’re already assured of winning, just five people to sit there and look pretty whilst you work your magic. Quills at the ready!

Find the Harry Potter quiz at the Warner Brothers Studio Lot in Leavesden, WD25 7LR. Best route from London is the Overground to Watford Junction, and then take the shuttle service. More info here.

*It was of course Elladora Ketteridge, although Beaumont Marjoribanks later became the first person to undertake a first proper study of Gillyweed. Props to you if you already knew that.

Featured image: @wbtourlondon

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