Hangover Havens: Big Apple Hot Dogs

Tom Livingstone Tom Livingstone

Hangover Havens: Big Apple Hot Dogs

Still feeling a little bit ropey from the long weekend? Not to worry, it’s Tuesday already. Which means it’s almost the weekend again, which means not so long until you’ll be out partying again. In the meantime, lift your spirits back to their necessary level with a good bit of restorative sustenance. Introducing Big Apple’s gourmet hot dogs, now available for the cool price of just £5 (but you can enjoy one FOR FREE with Fever!) Simply enter the reward code HAVENS1 in the rewards section of the app to redeem £5 credit on the app.

That price includes a drink too. The hot dogs on offer are 94-98% real meat, which is pretty handy when you’re feeling 94-98% drained. Munching on one of these bad boys is like plugging in the charger when the battery is on critical. Just think of it as the Big Apple charger. There’s none of the other gunk and rubbery casing you might find in other sausages, just real, good, hangover-curing protein-laden sustenance. Try the ‘Pimp Steak’ if you don’t believe me, a beautiful beef dog blended with garlic paprika and black pepper. Or the ‘Big Frank’, a giant frankfurter that has been oak-smoked and seasoned with paprika, nutmeg and black pepper.

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A perfect spot for the ‘I just woke up’ 2pm brunch, Big Apple is currently locatable as a pop-up cart, hot dogging its way round London. Right now you can find it on Caledonian Road, King’s Cross, and you can also order your hot dog in advance on London app Fever. All you have to do is show your phone on arrival, which is pretty handy when you’re still feeling the fallout from the weekend’s proceedings. Like seriously, what happened to all my cash?



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