A Group Has Recreated The Great British ‘Political’ Bake Off And It’s Hilarious

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You may remember the London based comedy trio, Muriel Comedy, from their last brilliant video that envisaged tube lines as people. Well the team are now back, with a freshly baked batch of pure comedy genius. Cue The Great British Political Bake Off. Expect a lot of soggy tory bottoms!

The trio, made up of Meg Salter, Sally O’Leary and Janine Harouni, met at LAMDA in 2012 and have since formed a sketch group. If you fancy having a look at what else Muriel Comedy do, check out their YouTube channel here and follow them on Twitter @MurielComedy.

Georgie Jones

Georgie Jones

After graduating, Georgie decided to drastically break the mould and moved to Clapham, where she quickly picked up an Australian accent. She loves bloody Marys, small plates and dogs and strives not to be a walking cliché - so goes running instead.