Greenwich’s Planetarium Is Hosting Some Out Of This World Film Nights

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor


The stars of Hollywood meet the stars of the galaxy at the Royal Observatory’s planetarium.

London has been well served by a bevy of top outdoor cinemas this summer, but if you’re looking for a new cinematic experience, cast your eyes Greenwich-wards. The Royal Observatory‘s planetarium usually explores the vast, unknowable expanse of space, but they’ve turned their attention to the vast, unknowable expanse of Hollywood for a series of film screenings. (See more in our guide to museums in London.)

[Royal Museums Greenwich]
The planetarium’s Silver Screen Science Fiction series brings vintage, cult, and blockbuster sci-fi films to their giant screen. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a space flick in a theatre tailor-made for outer space, but that’s not all you’ll get from the evening. At the end of the film, a Royal Observatory astronomer will pop up with a short talk outlining the science behind the film. All of which leaves you both entertained and informed.

There’s a new showing each month, guaranteeing that each sci-fi trip won’t be the same. Next up, on August 18th, is the pre-Star Wars John Boyega flick Attack The Block, which is followed by a brief discourse on near-invisible materials and echolocation. Meanwhile, September’s film is Stephen Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything. See it on September 15th, along with a quick retrospective of Hawking’s career and his contribution to astrophysics.

A trip to the planetarium cinema makes for a pretty cute date night: romantic, and with the possibility of learning something new. After all, smart is the new sexy!

Tickets to Silver Screen Science Fiction are £10.30 – book them and find out more from the Royal Observatory website.

Featured image: @royalmuseumsgreenwich