“I’m Ganaching My Buns”: 14 Times The Great British Bake Off Got Way Too Sexual

Lucie Turner Lucie Turner

“I’m Ganaching My Buns”: 14 Times The Great British Bake Off Got Way Too Sexual

We thought that the only thing guaranteed to get us hot and sweaty in London today was the Terrible Tube Strike. But wait! What are those shining (blue) beacons on our horizon? Why it’s Paul Hollywood (‘s eyes) and Mary Berry of course! That’s right dear friends, GBBO is back in business and we’ve rounded up our favourite saucy moments from over the seasons for the ultimate ‘thats-what-she-said’ fest. That’s right seasons. We’re smutty like that. Don’t judge us.


1. When you don’t want the dough no’ mo’.

AbFab reunion= lots of lols.


2. When Mary guides your drizzle.

Trickle is such a weird word.


3. When David Mitchell gets flustered.

One must keep any eye on when it is appropriate to whip it out.


4. When it gets a bit fruity.

I don’t know. Do I?


5. When Sue took all the liberties.

I mean really.


6.  When Mary was a cheerleader for all things large.
Hear, hear.

Which prompted the #WWMBD (What Would Mary Berry Do) hashtag to go crazy.


7. When the word ‘ganache’ became sexy.

What a mouthful.


8. When Squirrel-Gate happened.

Not with a fizzle but with a bang. When this little critter swaggered his way onto the screen (and yes that verb choice is accurate) the internet went mental and for good reason(s).


9. When Sue won innuendo bingo.

And that’s just not good enough.


10. When they dropped this corker.
Apparently a James Bond reference…

This is getting ridiculous.


11.  Whenever this was uttered by Mary.




12. When we all saw a different side to Mary and Paul’s relationship.

Is that a rolling pin in your trousers or are you just pleased to see me?


13. When we established the highest form of praise.

Not many nuts receive this kind of review.


14. And when even the BBC couldn’t help but get involved.

Okay so it’s not an innuendo but OMG.


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