Grab A Pizza The Action! 6 Fantastic Places For Italian Food In London

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Grab A Pizza The Action! 6 Fantastic Places For Italian Food In London

There’s no such thing as a bad pizza. In fact, all pizza is good pizza but some pizzas are great pizzas. Of course, there a whole load of places to get amazing Italian food in London but for the real dons of Italian cooking have a look a this list… Trust us, you’ll be left wanting amore!


1. Manitoba Tigella

[Manitoba Tigella]
Recently opened just off Oxford Street, this chic and modern bar and restaurant is the first place to bring tigella to London. If, (like us until we tried some), you don’t know what a ‘tigella’ is then let us explain: It’s basically a little disc of soft, warm bread stuffed with fresh ingredients, such as parma ham and soft cheese or mortadella foam and pistachio crumble. As well as tigella, Manitoba Tigella also offers a delicious range of pasta and seafood dishes and a pretty impressive cocktail menu.

82 New Oxford St, London WC1A 1HB 


2. Pizza East

[Instagram: @pizzaeast]
With locations in Shoreditch, Kentish Town and Portobello maybe it should be renamed Pizza East/North/West but that’s not very catchy is it? This modern and open restaurant does pizza really well. We recommend the San Daniele, rocket and parmesan pizza for a meaty, salty, crunchy marriage between dough and cheese. Or if you’re really here for a cheese feast then go for the Mac’n’Cheese, a delicious ‘grown up’ take on the childhood classic topped with smoked cheese and cooked to crispy and gooey perfection. Order yourself an espresso martini and let the smell of freshly made wood oven pizza fill your nostrils all afternoon!

Multiple Locations 


3. Stuzzico

[Instagram: @stuzzicolondon]
This Paddington gem serves authentic upmarket Italian food that will make you feel super fancy (and super satisfied!) The ever-so-simple yet totally delicious black truffle linguine was good enough to write home about. So we did. The expert waiting staff will also be on hand to guide you through your evening with fantastic wine recommendations.

24 Kendal St, London W2 2AW 


4. Pizza Pilgrims

[Instagram @pizzapilgrims]
Starting as a street food van it’s no surprise that this chain really took off and now boasts 5 London locations. Pizza Pilgrims really take it back to basics with a simple yet successful menu consisting solely of the main event – pizza! Those with a sweet tooth should definitely indulge in the Nutella pizza ring, which is stuffed with the gooey hazelnut chocolate spread and salty ricotta cheese – you will not be disappointed!

Multiple Locations 


5. Trullo

This elegant yet non-fussy trattoria offers seasonally-focused Italian inspired dishes. With an amazing selection of meats, seafoods and vegetarian options from the charcoal grill as well as impressive and authentic pasta dishes, Trullo is a lovely little restaurant that’s sure to leave you smiling.

300-302 St Paul’s Rd, London N1 2LH 


6. Voodoo Rays

[instagram: @voodoorays]
With some locations open until 3am, Voodoo Rays is the absolutely perfect end to a night out. Or perhaps a fantastic interlude for when you’re feeling a little too wavy. Serving pizza by the whopping 22 inch slice this New York inspired pizza shop offers classic, vegetarian AND vegan pizza options. The Green and White slice comprised of spinach, ricotta, pine nuts, scarmoza, garlic and mozzarella is a tasty alternative to a Margarita and you can sort-of pretend it’s healthy… I mean it has spinach on right?

Multiple Locations  


Feature Image: [instagram: @pizzapilgrims]

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