Grab The Mistletoe! 8 Dreamy Spots For A Festive Smooch In London

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Kew's Christmas lights

We’re not normally ones to encourage PDA, but hey – it’s Christmas. Nearly…


1. Pucker up by the mistletoe at Kew Gardens.

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The enchanting lights, the mistletoe, the mystical trees. This place is begging for on-site kisses.


2. Make your move at Covent Garden

A classic ‘meet me under the mistletoe’ spot. Although perhaps a little too busy for a long one.


3. Or hide away in St Martins Courtyard

Not far from Covvy G, make your kiss a lingering one beneath these pretty lights.


4. Follow suit at The Meeting Place, St Pancras

Let’s hope your make out sesh is a little more animated than these guys though.


5. Make like a tugboat and pull on the South Bank

Get under the twinkly canopy of lights and smooch as the Thames goes by.


6. Find love (and hope and peace) on Carnaby

Just do what the sign says.


7. Float away by St Katherine’s Dock

For a waterside pucker.


8. Make kissing history at the V&A Museum


Featured image credit: Jeff Eden, RBG Kew

Georgie Jones

Georgie Jones

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