Good News For Internet Addicts: The London Eye Now Has Wifi

Lily Frohlich Lily Frohlich


If you find yourself feeling anxious in the absence of internet you might want to do something about that… but, for the time being, there’s always the London Eye.

The beloved Southbank centrepiece has finally stepped into the 21st century with the addition of London Eye WiFi, provided by O2.

[Brett Reeves]
O2 are providing coverage in all 32 capsules, beaming out precious internet access from 16 wireless access points. Snazzy. As 20% of visitors to the London Eye every year are tourists – honestly we thought it would be way higher than that – the powers that be are providing coverage to encourage those who don’t want to pay extortionate data roaming charges to hop onboard. A smart move.

According to O2, this new feature is perfect for ‘sharing a selfie, posting a photo of the stunning skyline or finding information about London attractions’. So we can carry on living through our phone screens even while we’re riding in a glass pod 135 metres above the Thames. Yay!

Feature Image: Alessia Caudiero 

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