You Can Go To Work Without Leaving Bed… With The Duvet-Suit!

Georgie Jones Georgie Jones


Another weekday morning comes. You wake up to the sound of your whining alarm and tug the duvet closer around you, begging for at least another hour of cosy bliss. Getting up for work is a struggle for people who love sleep… But now it doesn’t have to be. The hotel chain Jurys Inn Hotel Group have come up with the perfect solution for hard-working Londoners who are in need of a duvet-day, but don’t have the time off. Allow us to introduce you to the Suvet.

[You’ll be the envy of London.. Jurys Inn]
The Duvet-Suit is a fully padded two-piece that epitomises both comfort and style. It’s snood-like collar not only shields you from London’s chilly winds, but is also the perfect pillow to rest you head whenever you need to. It’s figure-shaping belt compliments all body types. And let’s be honest, white never goes out of style. (Although you may need to be extra vigilent for dirt on the city’s streets).

[Slick, stylish and comfy – you’ll be the talk of the office. Jurys Inn]
Every day will be a duvet day. Commutes will become a dreamlike breeze… And you’ll get extra space on the Underground. If you want a Suvet for yourself, then Tweet @JurysInnHotels with the hashtag #JurysInnSuvet. You dreams could become an everyday reality.


Let’s hope this goes through. Especially as the clocks go forward on Easter Monday (and we lose an hour in bed!).

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