#GingerPride: Here’s 10 Gingers In London Who Are Undeniably On Fire

We all know that redheads get a lot of stick. And all because of their genetic makeup (which FYI is pretty rare). But lately they’ve stuck a residual two (freckled) fingers up at society and gone about celebrating rather than shunning their gingery-ness and frankly, we love it! As you’ll see from our list, gingers are practically running the world anyway…


1. Damian Lewis.

Why did it take us so long to discover this king? Clearly his royalty needed recognition because last year he was awarded an OBE by none another than Homeland super fan Prince Wills.


2. Prince Harry.

From faux royalty to real life royalty, Prince Hazza is one for the books. Not only does he tirelessly work on multiple charity projects but he also manages to handle a pretty fun social life [cough cough] and full time job.


3. Lily Cole.

She’s a world class super model who’s also a Cambridge University alumna who graduated with a double first class degree, produces her own beauty line with Body Shop AND has acted alongside heavy weights such as Johnny Depp and Heath Ledger. Um, I can brush my teeth and stand up at the same time??


4. Florence Nightingale.

Perhaps you didn’t know that this wartime nurse and ‘Lady of the Lamp’ was also a redhead. Go pay your respects to the founder of modern nursing at the Crimean War Memorial.


5. David Bowie.

Whichever Bowie you have in your mind, one might argue that the best Bowie is Ginger Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust. Still reigning as the king of cool and Brixton born, Bowie remains forthright in his gingerhood, even though now he’s more a silver fox than a russet one.


6. Queen Elizabeth I.

Yet another redheaded royal, proving that these folks really do run the world (sorry Beyoncé). Elizabeth the first was responsible for so much in her reign and she did not have an easy ride getting there (which is probably why she is the most portrayed monarch in TV and film-talk about drama). There are many portraits of her at the National Portrait Gallery so definitely go down and marvel at her majesty.


7. Florence Welch.

This ethereal elf-woman otherwise known as the fabulous Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine is a proud Londoner, born and raised in Camberwell. She’s been touring all over this summer but you might just catch her on the last leg of her UK tour in Glasgow, Newcastle and Nottingham.


8. Sumatran tigers at London Zoo.

Definitely the cutest (and the biggest) furry gingers that London has to offer, last year ZSL welcomed 3 new tiger cub triplets to its brood thanks to mother Melati. There are less than 400 of these fiery beauties left in the wild so it’s worth making the trip to see such fabulous felines.


9. Catherine Tate.

We bet this redheaded comedian isn’t ‘bovvered’ about her hair colour. Born in Bloomsbury, Tate studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama and went on to write, produce and act in a variety of TV shows, including The Catherine Tate Show (as many a hilarious character) and Doctor Who as Donna Noble.


10. And last but not least…YOU!

Hands down the most fabulous of the lot, redheaded Londoners are definitely “on fire”. Whether you’re a shy strawberry blond or a loud and proud orangina, today is the day to celebrate your copper headed #GingerPride. Go forth and be beautiful!


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