This Amazing Gingerbread City Is Just Christmas Goals

Are you gingerbread-y for it?

Let’s face it, gingerbread houses are as much a part of Christmas as the tree or Love Actually. However, you’ve probably found that your plans for a Grand Designs-style gingerbread mansion remain a sad pipe dream. Well, no more. A delicious gingerbread city has just opened in South Kensington, so it’s time to declare yourself the Mayor of Candytown. Yum.

Photo: @emrysarchitects

The Gingerbread City is run by the Museum of Architecture, and this year, over one hundred structures will rise to the candyflossed heavens. Biscuits, cakes, icing, strawberry laces, and sweets have all been employed as building materials. But the city is functional as well as being sinfully delicious, having been designed by London-based architects. This tasty models actually doubles as a working blueprint for the sustainable cities of the future. Anyone else wishing they were an architect right now?

Photo: @szeweilee

From Crumble Hill, the medieval heart of the city, to ultra-modern Treacle-Tech Hub, this place is everything we wish London was. Instead of the Thames, you’ve got the Jelly River. The City of London? Gone, replaced by the Central Baking District. Residents can walk from Flapjack Mansions to Shortbread Tower – although the inevitable sugar crash might slow them down…

Photo: @fionaliannesibley

Hansel and Gretel would have a field day here! If inspiration strikes, they run house-building workshops three times a day from December 9th. Entrance to the exhibit will set you back £3 on the door, or you can buy them online. We’ll be along just as soon as we finish daydreaming about turning Secret London HQ into a giant gingerbread house…

Photo: @jonnysshaw

The Gingerbread City is open now, and runs until December 22nd. Opening hours are 9:30am to 7pm Monday to Saturday, and 10am to 6pm on Sundays. Find it at 27 Thurloe Street, South Kensington, SW7. Nearest station is South Kensington.

Featured image: @burwellarchitects