London Is Getting A Gin Flavoured Doughnut To Celebrate The Queen’s Birthday

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Gin flavoured doughnut

Gin. Flavoured. Doughnut. The words we’ve all been dying to hear.

Doughnut Time love any excuse for a cheeky new doughnut, particularly when there’s a celebration to be had. With the Queen’s birthday coming up on Saturday, the Aussie aces have unleashed a new flavour on the unsuspecting capital, and we think it might be their best yet. Why? Well, dear friends, this holey treat is a gin flavoured doughnut. F*ck yeah.

Yaass Queen! is filled with grapefruit custard, and topped with buttercream and a blood orange slice. But that’s all incidental when you find out it’s glazed with a healthy glug of Portobello Road Gin, to make a ravishingly royal treat. It’s a rather tasty way to celebrate Liz’s second birthday of the year (her actual birthday is April 21, this is just the perks of being a royal). I would say it’s unfair for someone to have two birthdays, but I’ve been placated by the whole gin flavoured doughnut show.

You can find this brilliantly boozy sweet from today, and it’s available in all Doughnut Time stores. And remember, a gin flavoured doughnut isn’t just fit for a queen – it’s for kweens too. Go for forth and slay (those doughnuts)!

Featured image: @doughnuttime_uk

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