A Londoner Has Turned His Model Train Set Into A Personal Gin And Tonic Train

Next stop, alcohol!

Tim Dunn, Londoner and transport historian, has a true passion for rail. So obviously, he also has a model train set.

And now, thanks to some customisation, it delivers him gin.

I have laid 40ft of train track between sofa and kitchen. A good service is now operating: this train carrying two gin & tonics has just arrived. pic.twitter.com/VZJGKvifiV

— Tim Dunn (@MrTimDunn) 17 December 2017

It’s very good.

It’s a G Scale* railway – LGB 45mm gauge track, converted Playmobil diesel loco and wagons, @Gaugemaster shuttle unit from @HattonsModels. (*G usually stands for “Garden”. From now on it stands for “Gin”). Every home should have one. pic.twitter.com/UZADiRJn1j

— Tim Dunn (@MrTimDunn) 17 December 2017

It can also serve a host of other spirits.

If you’re heading back to family homes or having time off at Xmas, go on, dig out your old train set and see if you can make do something useful. Or at least, serve cheap vodka shots on it. pic.twitter.com/9XSA2kdZkP

— Tim Dunn (@MrTimDunn) 17 December 2017

Alternatively, you could simply buy a train set for a child in your family this Christmas, and then have them build it for you.

Cheers to you, sir. Cheers to you.