Get Your Woolies Ready…Snow Is Potentially Coming To London This Weekend!

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snow in london

Sooooo…it feels kind of chilly today doesn’t it? We bet we weren’t the only ones who did a double-take at our front doors and nipped back in again to grab a few hundred extra layers this morning (only to then rip them off with reckless abandon 5 minutes later on the tube)… But according to the Met Office, it’s all happening for a reason: stiff winds from the north have caused temperatures to plummet, meaning this weekend *could* be the first time this year that snow settles in the South of England.


[Flickr: Pete Shaw]
Hold up, before you get too excited, no one’s actually said anything about settling snow. Knowing London, it will probably be that rubbish stuff that quickly melts away, making you slightly more nervous on your feet but ultimately being no different in appearance to another rainy weekend in the city. We’re staying hopeful though…


With the mercury set to drop as low as 0 degrees on Saturday, you better brush up your knowledge of where to get the best winter warmers in London, which conveniently, we’ve already written about. Jeez, anyone would have thought we knew this was going to happen…


Featured image credit: Flickr Mark Suddaby 

Tabby Powell-Tuck

Tabby Powell-Tuck

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