Gatwick Airport Is Offering Free Pedicures For Couples

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Gatwick airport’s new CloudSpa is offering free manicures and pedicures to get all your nasty feet in order.

That mad rush of buying clothes, booking wax appointments and making sure you’re all preened and prepped for your summer holiday is an annoying cycle we’re all guilty of being part of. But hands up, how many women feel personally victimised by the fact their significant others don’t put in nearly as much effort as they do?

You would’ve thought making sure your feet are in pristine condition for the endless holiday flip-flop wearing was top of the priority list. But we guess not for some …

CloudSpa is a newly opened salon within Gatwick’s North Terminal and is hoping to change this sorry fact by offering up free manicures and pedicures for couples (opposite and same-sex).

The lucky couples who are flying together will be treated to a free manicure or pedicure (which includes a foot wax) and even, a free drink.

Gatwick’s survey of 2000 of its passengers revealed that 64% of men admitted to no pre-vacation grooming, which is a staggering contrast to the 87% of women who take part in a pre-holiday beauty regime. I mean, does that really surprise us?

We’re not saying waxing off hair and getting a whole list of salon treatments done is obligatory for holiday fun but if you did want to nudge your bf in the right direction, take him along to CloudSpa.

Four couples can enjoy the free perks of CloudSpa per day and is solely dished out on a first come, first served basis until June 30th.

For more information, please visit their website.

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