A Game Of Thrones-Inspired Bakery Is Coming To London

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Game of Thrones Bakery

A Game of Thrones-inspired bakery is set to open in London next week, and it’s all thanks to Ben Hawkey (aka Hot Pie).

And its name? You Know Nothing John Dough. 10/10 for effort, Hot Pie.

Opening on Monday July 17th, exclusively through Deliveroo, You Know Nothing John Dough will be selling the famous Direwolf bread that Hot Pie baked for Arya Stark. And literally just that.

Game of Thrones bakery
We love you, Hot Pie ❤️

Real-life Hot Pie’s Direwolf loaves are a lovely whole wheat cornbread with orange zest, and he recommends that you serve them warm with a knob of butter. A likely improvement on the loaf given to Arya Stark in that oh-so-emotional goodbye scene.

Game of Thrones Bakery

Perfectly coinciding with the series 7 premiere (are you buzzing or are you buzzing?), You Know Nothing John Dough will start delivering from 6pm on July 17th. And the best part? They’re only £1 each. We’re just hoping that Ben will deliver them himself…

🐺 Find the Direwolf loaves on Deliveroo here 🐺

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