FundRAVING with Wall 2 Wall!

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FundRAVING with Wall 2 Wall!

What is Fundraving you say? You’ve never tried it before? As portmanteau words go (i.e. words that are stuck together), Fundraver/Fundraving is fast becoming one of our favourites. Bringing together feel-good Fundraising and feel-even-better raving, it’s possibly the best way to raise money for charity. Go to a rave, feel morally accomplished. How often does that happen?

Hosted by Wall 2 Wall, the rave will take place at Studio Spaces on Kingsland Road, with doors opening at 8. Every penny of the £10 ticket price, plus 10% of the bar takings, will go to The Saltpond Education Project, an amazing cause raising money for education, health insurance, resources and food for Ghanaian children. In light of this, the event will kick off with some mind-blowing traditional Ghanaian drumming.

Studio Space

From then on, it’s straight raving ‘till 2 in the morning, all in the name of a good cause. The funky studio space will be transformed into an enviable party destination for the night, with the bar chipping in to stoke the fire, while also chipping into the funds. Guilt-free drinking, by all accounts. Just make sure you pace yourself with your philanthropy, we wouldn’t want you to give too much too soon…

It’s such a good cause, and such an original idea, that we wanted to chip in to spread the word. We’ve requested 20 codes from Fever to make the tickets £5 cheaper for the first 20 takers (don’t worry, the full £10 will still go to the event.) That code is TOPRAVER, and follow the link below to get to the event.




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