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Fortnum & Mason’s Frozen Champagne Popsicles Are Back

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Champagne popsicles

Champagne popsicles: the summer treat literally no-one asked for!

“Darling, how can we be deliciously extra this summer, and waste good champagne in the process?” Well, if you’ve ever asked someone this question, I have found your answer. Fortnum & Mason are taking summer refreshment to subzero levels once more, with the return of their frozen champagne popsicles.

It’s perfect for those who are, like, totally over drinking champagne out of a glass. Plus, no need to add ice to your champers, because this is literally just champagne-flavoured ice. Actually, that’s a little unfair – Fortnum’s promise that each popsicle holds a full glass of their Blanc de Blancs champagne.

Champagne popsicles
[Fortnum & Mason]
But wait, there’s more! It’s not just champagne that’s had the popsicle treatment, as Fortnum’s are also offering rosé champagne popsicles, and a Kir Royale variety. Again, because summer. You can pick them up for £2.95 each in the Fortnum & Mason Piccadilly store, which, to be fair, is cheaper than a glass of actual champagne. Alternatively, nab a full set for your next picnic by getting 10 for £20. I would say you’d be the toast of the town, but then again I’m not sure you can actually toast anything with a champagne popsicle…