What ‘Friends’ Would Have Looked Like If It Was Set In London

Let’s face it, there would have been a lot less laughter.


1. The one where they all go to the pub because who hangs out in coffee bars anyway?

2. The one with the rail replacement bus.

3. The one where Monica doesn’t bake treats for her neighbours because she doesn’t know who her neighbours are.

4. The one where Phoebe rides a Boris Bike. 

5. The one where Monica and Chandler drunkenly get together and then never speak about it again because that would be awkward.

6. The one where Ross takes Ben to Harry Potter World. 

7. The one where they don’t swap flats because CBA.

8. The one where Ross doesn’t need to learn to play the bagpipes because his parents are Scottish. 

9. The one where Central Park starts serving Nitro-Coffee.

10. The one where they run out of milk. 

11. The one where Rachel actually knows what a trifle is and makes it and everyone enjoys it.

12. The one where Ross doesn’t go to the wrong airport because we just don’t do that shit here. 

13. The one where Joey gets a job at Pizza Express.

14. The one where they all stay in and watch Made In Chelsea. 

15. The one where they go to Malta.

16. The one where they go to Malta: Part II. 

17. The one where everyone doesn’t say what they’re thinking.

18. The one where Chandler is the least sarcastic one. 

19. The one where Joey’s catchphrase is, “How do you do?”

20. The one where Rachel faints on the Tube because she’s too hot. 

21. The one where it’s Thanksgiving and nothing happens.

22. The one where Joey goes to Charing Cross Sexual Health Clinic.

23. The one where Phoebe gets spiked at Notting Hill Carnival.

24. The one where no one gets free coffee because they forgot their Waitrose cards. 

25. The one where there’s a Tube strike.

26. The one where Monica and Phoebe don’t meet two good looking NHS doctors because no one looks like George Clooney here. 

27. The one where they all move to Zone 6 because they’re in their 20s.

28. The one where there’s no fake laughter in the background. 

29. The one where no one laughs that much.

30. The one where everything gets stolen because they never lock the doors. 

31. The one where they all get fired because they’re spending all their time in a coffee shop instead of going to work.

32. The one where Rachel right swipes her boss on Tinder. 

33. The one where no one sees Monica for a few days – but nothing bad has happened, she’s just, you know, seeing other people.

34. The one where someone orders tea not coffee. 

35. The one where Phoebe puts on a club night in Hackney.

36. The one where they all move back in with their parents. 


Featured Image Credit: SunnyFm

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