Where Is The Friendliest Place To Live In London?

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Where Is The Friendliest Place To Live In London?

A study by Vivo Property Buyers has revealed the friendliest and unfriendliest boroughs in London.

In a recent study, London residents were asked to rate their borough on the following categories: how often they socialise with their neighbours, the availability of community activities and how welcome they feel. Now, they have crowned the Borough of Greenwich as the friendliest place in London.

Alright, Greenwich does look pretty inviting… Photo: @shannon_lawford

Greenwich came up trumps, scoring highly across all categories, and winning the prestigious title of the city’s Most Friendly Borough. It’s said that the people here have always got time for you, possibly because they kind of invented it. They’re also presumably rather chuffed by the city views and cherry blossoms to be found in Greenwich Park, a world-famous planetarium, and a London concert venue that routinely welcomes huge names from music, sport, and entertainment. Incidentally, here are our top reasons to visit the charming borough of Greenwich.

Photo: @lmartins165

Taking second place was Barnet, whilst Merton and Kensington & Chelsea were also found to be full of affable Londoners, as they came in 3rd and 4th respectively. Merton have Wimbledon, Kensington & Chelsea have a lot of fancy stuff, and as for Barnet… I guess they must just be lovely people. On the flip side, Hammersmith and Fulham was the lowest scoring borough, with Newham and Islington following not too far behind. Hey, come on guys, gis a smile!

Here’s a full list of boroughs, in order of friendly to not (as) friendly:

  1. Greenwich
  2. Barnet
  3. Merton
  4. Kensington and Chelsea
  5. Hillingdon
  6. Croydon
  7. Brent
  8. Westminster
  9. Waltham Forest
  10. Bromley
  11. Lewisham
  12. Haringey
  13. Hackney
  14. Bexley
  15. Barking
  16. Tower Hamlets
  17. Havering
  18. Camden
  19. Harrow
  20. Ealing
  21. Enfield
  22. Kingston
  23. Sutton
  24. Wandsworth
  25. Southwark
  26. Redbridge
  27. Lambeth
  28. Hounslow
  29. Richmond
  30. Newham
  31. Islington
  32. Hammersmith and Fulham

View the full results of the study here.

Interestingly, it appears that friendliness and happiness don’t come hand in hand. Take a look at this study by the Office of National Statistics, revealing the happiest and unhappiest places in the UK and London. 

Photo by Tamara Menzi.

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