Franco Manca Are Now Serving Gluten Free Pizza

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Franco Manca Are Now Serving Gluten Free Pizza

Finally! The news all gluten-avoiding Londoners have been waiting for!

Franco Manca, legends in the London pizza game, are finally branching out from their famous sourdough bases, and giving us what we want. If, like me, you can’t eat gluten for whatever reason, you may have experienced this painful conversation with your lovely, yet totally ignorant, gluten-eating friends:

“Franco Manca have gluten free pizza, right?”

“No, they only do sourdough pizza”

“Is that not the same thing?”


I’ve endured it countless times. But, rejoice! They’re finally adding a real life gluten free option at all of their restaurants – and it’s probably the best news I’ve heard in a few donkey’s ears. Gimme a pizza that delicious, carby action!

You’ll have to pay an extra £1.75 for a gluten free base but, if you’ve been avoiding gluten for a while, you’ll be used to this discrimination by now. Fortunately, Franco Manca’s pizzas aren’t too dear in the first place, so you’ll still get change from a tenner. (Their most expensive classic pizza is £7.70, but you should expect to pay more for their guest pizzas.)

?Check out the full menu and find your nearest Franco Manca over on their website ? 

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