Fly Over London With This Gorgeous Interactive Gizmo

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Fly Over London With This Gorgeous Interactive Gizmo

Enjoy gorgeous views over London at sunset – without leaving your desk.

Got a head for heights? Aerial photographer Andrew Griffiths certainly has, and he’s spent the last few years capturing shots of the world’s greatest cities by helicopter, and his latest subject is our personal favourite… London!

London Skyline Planet
Photo: Andrew Griffiths / Lensaloft Photography

Meticulous planning goes into each flight: finding the optimal time, route and weather conditions, plus securing permission from air traffic authorities, before using specialist equipment to capture 360-imagery from 3,000ft.

London Above Sunset

Now, an extremely swish new tool lets you explore Andrew’s view of London from the skies. You can take vantage points above Hyde Park, the Thames, Oxford Circus, Liverpool Street, the Shard and more, and spin, pan and zoom to dizzying effect, as the sun sets over the city and streets turn to veins of gold. It’s jolly nice, actually!

Try it out for yourself here.

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