A Beautiful Floral Installation Has Arrived At Kew Gardens

Floral installation

Yes, we know there are lots of flowers at Kew Gardens anyway, but this new floral installation is pretty special.

You may have already seen this stunning floral installation popping up on Instagram, but in case you haven’t, enjoy:

Floral installation
Photo: @jankauskaite_vaida

This is ‘Life in Death’, a series of incredible preserved flower garlands that have taken Kew by storm.

Floral installation
Photo: @joamoretiverton

It’s been created by British artist Rebecca Louise Law, who was also responsible for the beautiful cherry blossoms that graced Mayfair eatery Sake No Hana earlier this year.

Floral installation
Photo: @edwardnewport

Make no mistake, a LOT of work has gone into creating this installation.

Floral installation
Photo: @marcelamaci_mua

Law has spent six years collecting, preserving, and stringing up over one thousand garlands of flowers. That’s approximately 375,000 blossoms!

Floral installation
Photo: @blesced

She took her inspiration from the funeral garlands of Egyptian pharaoh Ramesses II, which you can also find at Kew.

Floral installation
Photo: @bokaldere

‘Life in Death’ will be in residence at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art until March 11th, 2018.

Kew Gardens is in Richmond, TW9 3AE, and the nearest tube station is Kew Gardens.

Featured image: @hollywood8happy

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