Ouch… Floating Yodas To Be Banned From Trafalgar Square

Tabby Powell-Tuck Tabby Powell-Tuck


The new director of the National Gallery clearly isn’t a big fan of Star Wars… Gabriele Finaldi has decided he wants to get rid of the street performers – particularly the levitating Yodas – that entertain tourists outside the National Gallery on Trafalgar Square. He’s demanded that Westminster Council clear up the space around the gallery so that they can use it in a way that will better suit the interests of the gallery clientele.


The floating statues have long been a tourist attraction in central London and this isn’t the first time they’ve appeared in the headlines either… Last year turf wars were reported in the area as street performers dressed as Yoda, and other cult figures, argued over the prime locations to display their art. Supposedly, street performers often have to arrive at 6am to secure their spot. And we thought it was all a bit of fun…

A spokeswoman for Westminster Council announced, “We are in the process of engagement with street performers in the area to find a solution that appeals to everyone, as we want to make sure we keep a vibrant feel to the area but also deal with concerns that have been raised with us.” What this means for the street performers, we’re not really sure. But we’ve got a sneaking suspicion Yoda and friends may be looking for a new home shortly…

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