London’s Hi-Tech Darts Experience Is Opening Its Third And Largest Venue This Year

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London’s Hi-Tech Darts Experience Is Opening Its Third And Largest Venue This Year

London’s legendary social darts experience, Flight Club, is set to open a third venue later this year.

Set to be the largest Flight Club yet, we can expect to see the new venue inside Victoria’s NOVA development this side of Christmas. The space has been designed to host up to 650 people, with 18 oches, a feature bar and an outdoor terrace. Each oche (that’s the darts area to you amateurs) has room for up to 12 people, and comes with its own seating area and table service.


In a bid to make darts cool again, Flight Club have brought the game to London and totally reinvented it. Now a key player in the ‘experiential nightlife’ scene, it’s more about the social aspect of the game, combined with great drinks and fantastic food. Their first two venues have been a wild success, so things are looking positive for Flight Club 3.0.


The game will use fancy dart tracking technology (designed specifically by Flight Club’s own astrophysicist) and automatic scoring, meaning you can concentrate on hitting that bullseye, rather than keeping score. The same system that keeps score also tracks whose turn it is, which numbers each player needs to hit, and proudly announces the winner’s victory on a big screen. Swish.

Flight Club has a tendency to get booked up months in advance, so reservations for the new venue are already open. Head to their website to bag an oche for December and beyond.

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